PITMEN were founded in the spring of ’95. In the summer of 1996 they went into a recording studio for three days to record a demo tape. Guido Neumann of “Crazy Love Records” loved it so much, that he released it as their debut EP “Misfits”. Luckily the reviews in the fanzines were very good. Support gigs for bigger bands such as THE METEORS followed. In winter of ’97 they recorded their first CD called “Listen To The Engine”, which is still a best seller at the record stalls. Their 2nd album “Welcome To The Show” was released (on Picture-Vinyl and CD) in the summer of 2001. The latest four-track EP incl. the song “Jingle Bells” was released in October 2001.
In 2003 they decided to take a break after having played the Psychobilly Meeting in Spain several times, the Netherlands, Finland, England and their native Germany. Every member joined and played in other bands to get new influences and play different styles. In 2007 the guys were back and started rehearsing again. Their first gig in 5 years was at the Satanic Stomp in 2008. Shows in Russia and the Ukraine followed.
Right now they are writing and recording material for their 3rd album.

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