My Sweet Baby

music: Pitmen- lyrics: Dördelmann

It was late at night that I first met my baby
A little sweet girl with nice green eyes
She had a crazy haircut, she was not a lady
She wore a lot of earrings, she was very nice

A few weeks later we did it the first time
The biggest explosion I ever had
We love to love us, we do it together
At every place, not only in bed

This baby I found is the thing that I want
I love her since the first time, I hope with no end
This baby I found is the thing that I want

Twice in our time we were splitted
We had a lot of trouble with pain and cry
Each two of us made a big mistake
But we found together everytime


There were a lot of good days since we saw us
We are together since eightynine
We know we love us, we learned a lot of good things
We are fused for all the time

Chorus 4x