Just Fakes

music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

This is for you imitators
This is for you fakes
Although you will never hear me
My poor heart won't break

I don't wanna hear what you call music
So please turn it off!
Leave the room and shut the door
For me it is enough

You called me skinhead, called me punk
You said the way I cut my hear is junk
Bit now you walk into the barber shop
And you try just the same

Say I'm crazy, say I'm wild
Say I a act like a real big child
Say that I'm a dirty bastard
But don't think I'm a fool

For if you do so, I'll push you all around
I'll tear your greasy eyeballs off and you'll make no sound
'cause your tongue is ripped out from your mouth
And it's lying on the floor
You're squirming in your excrements and you scoff no more

You told us that our boots look funny
And now you buy them with your daddys money
But what you can't buy is our style
And the way we live

You laughed about me a hundred times
But I curse you with this rhyme!
May your brother and your sister die
May your parents burn in hell

You are on the radio
You are in TV
You are in the fucking papers
And on every screen

Say I'm nasty, say I'm mean
And my music's too extreme
Please go to your love parades
But don't stand in my way