music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

Again it's RTL
And it's me watching TV
Last Night I drank too much
And shurely you'll agree
That sleeping until three o'clock
Can be a lot of fun
But not if you are still pissed
And the "Nanny"'s just begun

CHORUS: And it's
Fran Drescher on the screen
Fran Drescher you know who I mean
Fran Drescher she's my delight
Fran Drescher squeeze me tight
Fran Drescher I'm feelin' blue
Fran Drescher only for you
Fran Drescher can't you see
Fran Drescher you're the one for me

I'm lying in my bed
My bladder is cockful
Miss Fine is on the screen
I'm feelin' oh, so dull
Five minutes they have past
I'm hoping for the break
I will remove my beer
I'm shure it's no mistake


I want to touch you legs
I'd like to smell your hear
And foundle your sweet breasts
Your body oh, so fair
And looking into your brown eyes
Is heaven just for me
Oh, Fran Drescher, you're the one
Baby can't you see