music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

Isn't it fun to be at home
To watch TV and sit alone
To drink a beer and write a song
Some nights are short and some are long
I know a game that is more fun
To walk around and wear a gun

To meet someone and shoot him dead
Is something special and makes me glad
I'm just an ordinary boy
A long sharp knife's my favourite toy
I'd like to stab you with my knife
To bring you death and take your life

In fact I'm not the only one
Who strolls around when the day is done
Sometimes I meet with other folks
But I don't like the way they talk
I kill them all oh such a joy
To slit them up with my favourite toy

It is forbidden by the law
To eat the people alive and raw
So I have to roast them on a spit
Gnawing at their bones makes my teeth grit
Pepper and salt and a little thyme
With a lager beer man tastes so fine

Isn't it fun...