She Walks Like A Queen

music: Christian Donovan - lyrics: Christian Donovan

Well she walks like a Queen and she knows what to do
To make you feel sick or to make you feel blue
And she just got me under her spell
Oh woman please believe me it's the truth that I tell

Oh lady please let me kiss your tender lips
Let me squeeze your breasts and let me hold your hips
Let me lick your juice off and let me smell your sweat
You're the most adorable woman that I ever met

She's got long black hair and juicy tits
Her legs are shaved just like her armpits
And she wears black stockings and high heel shoes
Oh woman please tell me what have I got to do

Oh lady please let me...

Well she lies in bed all day 'cause she goes out every night
And when I see her walking I want to hold her tight
Yes she's the fairest woman that I have ever seen
Oh she's no supermodel but my psychobilly Queen

Oh lady please let me...