Through With You

music: Christian Donovan- lyrics: Christian Donovan

So you`ve got your first tattoo in colours shining bright
You thought that you`d impress the folks but you were not right
Some say that you are oh so young but no longer I will care
To look into my eyes again you bastard will not dare
Ignorance and stupid phrases haven`t brought you far
And your fucking new guitar won`t make you a star
And in your childish mind you think we`ve had it easy too
You bloody motherfucking geek we`ve cleared the way for you

But now I`m through with you
I`m through with you
I`m through with you
I`m through with you

You`ve tried to fool us many times and sometimes you did well
Now listen to these words I say: Hey sucker go to hell!
You might think I`m kidding but believe me it is true
For some folks hell ain`t hot enough but it`s hot enough for you
You wanted to be very cool you wanted to be hot
But you won`t make it this way and you won`t make it that
I suppose you wanted honour I think you wanted fame
But everything you gave to us was dirty bloody shame

And now I`m through with you...

You will never know us and you`ll never understand
You never will be famous and you never will be grand
You`ll always be an imitation without any skills
You never have been one of us and you never will
We`ll keep on doing the things we did like we have always done
And we`ll still be standing here when you are long gone
I think I finish singing now there`s nothing more to say
Shut your mouth don`t be around get out of my way

`Cause now I`m through with you...